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Events – News – presentations at major international conferences, short courses, tutorials. Learn about some of our planned projects, and discuss the future of data analysis with us.
Examples and applications, – many results illustrating what you can do with multiresolution analysis methods.
Documentation, white papers, reports, a sampling of the most immediately relevant documentation. Recent published articles are referenced.
Ordering. Here you can check out prices, and purchase software.
Free downloadable software. Including Visual Basic for use with Excel for financial time series modeling. Also IDL, Fortran code.
Downloadable shareware software. New – February 2000. For nowcasting financial or other time series or 1D signals. Software available for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 platforms.
Links and other resources. Good and in some cases outstanding background material on wavelet transforms and multiscale methods.
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About MR/1 Version 2, MR/2
MR/1 Multiresolution Analysis Environment, Version 2, Released July 1999
Joined also by MR/2 Multiresolution Entropy, Version 1.
New in MR/1 Version 2.0 and MR/2 – more wavelet transforms, edge detection, multifractal analysis, Java user interface, and much more.
Here also: free downloads of software code in Visual Basic, IDL, Fortran…
Who is Buying and Using MR/1?
Astronomers in Arizona, Maryland, The Czech Republic, France
Medical image researchers in Germany
Earth observation researchers in The Netherlands
Aerospace software engineers in California
Chemical image analysts in Britain
Forensic scientists in The Netherlands
Machine vision inspection engineers in New York
Image database developers in France
And Many More